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Hello, and welcome to 0v1.org web site! If you have visited us on IRC, you will know that we are run by a dedicated team, that enjoy what they do just like yourself. We try our best to have one of our staff online 24/7 to help you through any problems you may encounter while you are with us. We are always available in our network rooms #0v1 and #Vhost for Vhosts.

We accept all new channels. To register your own channel, type /msg ChanServ register #chan pass desc. We will provide you with the best support we can offer, and help you with commands.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our network, and our web site! There are many useful hints, programs, and lots of information available on this site. If you think you can help our network out, stay arouond and offer what ever you can. Come talk to us in #0v1 today! Our servers are never full, and we always welcome new members! Hope to see you soon!

-0v1-irc Staff.

Please contact our Administrator with questions or comments.
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