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My WinKey Launcher App


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So I just wrote a WinKey App that allows you to set hotkeys to run applications/open folders/etc.

There was previously an application just like it many years ago, it finally stopped working.

I wrote a new one to replace the broken one!

Just make sure to use the virtual key codes for the "ActivateKey"

Here is a link to a Virtual Key Page: http://www.kbdedit.com/manual/low_level_vk_list.html

If you add more applications or folders or files, just make sure to increment the "NumApps" at the top and always end each variable with a # corresponding to the entry!

A little breakdown of the Variables in the settings:

FilePath - A Path to the File/Application/Folder you wish to run/open with your shortcut.
isApp - Is the path an application or a folder/file (Uses ShellExec or CreateProcess).
CommandLine - An Additional Command Line On Top of the Application Path (Only Works with isApp)
useALT -Use Alt in combination with your key + Windows Key
useCTRL - Use CTRL in combination with your key + Windows Key
useShift - Use Shift in combination with your key + Windows Key
ActivateKey - The Virutal Key Code you wish the shortcut to activate on In combination with the Windows Key & Any Combination of the Above Keys



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