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VSa - ChatBox (AJAX) 3.1.8

VSa - ChatBox (AJAX)

  1. Admin
    Powerful AJAX-based ChatBox for vBulletin.

    Main Features:
    -One step installation (no file uploads, no manual template modifications required)
    -Put ChatBox on any forum page by setting script name and adding variable to desired template
    -"ChatBox Full" (always available on separate page)
    -"Messages Archive" (available on separate page, with options to edit/delete messages)
    -"ChatBox Search"
    -Option to block usergroups from viewing ChatBox
    -Option to delete messages older than x hours automatically
    -"ChatBox Statistics" (new messages since last visit, messages in last x hours, total messages, top x chatters,...)
    -View users active in ChatBox (available in CBFull and Archive)
    -Text formatting options (color, weight, style, decoration,...)
    -Advanced Smiliebox
    -Smiliebox options: total smilies available, smilies per row, smilie clipping, disable smilies...
    -A lot of customizable stuff, including: set new/old status icons, time/date format, box height, message order, auto-refresh intervals,...
    -One-click actions: View all messages posted by user X, Delete all messages posted by user x, Ban/unban user from ChatBox, View last message posted by user X, View your last message, View first unread message
    -"/me" action (used when you want to refer to yourself in the "third person")
    ...and more...

    View screenshots for more details.

    -Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
    -OPTIONAL: Download attached images and extract them to images/editor (contains smilies/remove format icons)

    To add to desired template (example FORUMHOME):
    1. Add 'index' to THIS_SCRIPT locations (Product options)
    2. Add 'FORUMHOME' to template names (Product options)
    3. Open 'FORUMHOME' template and put "{vb:raw vsachatbox}" to desired line (for example after '<!-- /main -->') -> Save

    To set options:
    Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > VSa - ChatBox

    v1.0 - Sep 15. 2007.
    -First version
    v2.3 - Sep 22. 2008.
    -Latest vB 3.x version
    v3.0 - Feb 08. 2010.
    -Rewritten for vB4
    -Known bugs fixed, code optimized
    v3.0.1 - Feb 09. 2010.
    -Fixed: Wrong title alignment in box/archive tables
    -Fixed: Wrong expand/collapse button alignment in Safari
    -Fixed: Wrong 'Smilies' alignment
    -Fixed: XHTML errors
    -New Setting: List templates where "{vb:raw vsachatbox}" will be enabled
    v3.0.2 - Feb 09. 2010.
    -Fixed: PHP error on CMS on some configs
    -Fixed: 'Smilies' alignment
    -Fixed: Minor bugs in PHP/HTML
    v3.1 - Feb 14. 2010.
    -New: CB Log-in/Log-out
    -New Option: Stop auto-refresh if user inactive for X minutes
    -New Option: Disable custom colors completely
    -New Option: Random smilies
    -New Option: Align messages to the usernames
    -New: Remove text formatting button
    -New: 'Smilies' replaced by image, arrrow removed
    -Fixed: Move focus to input field when smilie inserted
    -Fixed: 'Expand' button not shown after refresh
    -Fixed: Now first item in color list is used as default
    -Settings reorganized
    -Several style/functionality bugs fixed
    v3.1.1 - Feb 14. 2010.
    -Fixed: Small JS issue on log-out
    -New Option: Logged-out by default
    v3.1.2 - Feb 16. 2010.
    -Fixed: Errors with PHP 5.3
    -Fixed: CB table messed up in footer
    -Fixed: Several style errors, including XHTML incompatibilities
    -New: Auto-insert on forumhome location - Below Forums
    -New: Option to reverse message order in CB Archive
    v3.1.3 - Feb 19. 2010.
    -Fixed: Color selector dimensions
    -Fixed: Minor bugs
    v3.1.4 - Feb 20. 2010.
    -New: Color Select replaced by Color Menu (and it's sexy)
    -Note: Above fixes issues with Safari for Mac
    -Fixed: Issue with Default color if it's in RGB format
    -Note: Above will not change already posted messages
    -Fixed/improved: Several style details
    -Note: You may die if your templates are not reverted after upgrade
    v3.1.5 - Feb 20. 2010.
    -Fixed: Chrome not showing Color menu
    -Fixed: headinclude_bottom added to <head
    v3.1.6 - Feb 24. 2010.
    -Fixed: Several style/functionality issues
    -New: Set groups NOT able to edit messages
    v3.1.7 - Jan 21. 2012.
    -Fixed: Status images
    -Fixed: Smilies button
    -Fixed: Menu items invisible until highlighted
    -Fixed: Several style issues (background, menus, colors, smilies)
    -Fixed: https links not parsed automatically
    -New: Show ChatBox in selected forum only
    -New option: Automatically disable auto-refresh if server load is higher than X
    -New Option: Set usergroups able to prune ChatBox
    -New: 'Prune ChatBox' option available in the Main ChatBox drop-down menu
    -Improved: Product menus re-organized
    -Minor bugs fixed, codes optimized