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w4r hook v9???


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what CS are you running? steam version? if its steam version try disabling steam communities that seems to fix the problems for most people.


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Which w4r hook version works in nonsteam cs 1.6???

Can you please give me download link jimster, I think w4r hook v7 works good in nonsteam cs 1.6

Ty in advance


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So basically in the readme of w4r_hook you admitted you copy and pasted the coding...

Wouldn't doubt that one >.<

C & P + Attaching a backdoor = win right?

Just like you did with SSW LOL, don't even try to BS cause I've heard specifically from people that have talked to you personally that you backdoored it.

I find it hilarious because your probably a skid when it comes down to hacking.<br /><br />-- Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:01 am --<br /><br />Don't worry though because i got all version of your free walls Dl'ed, going to be decompiling them and doing checks to see where your shits connecting too, prob just steal all your victims.

Proof will be posted


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Only the stuff I have on leaguecheats, which isn't free.
The game has a lower playerbase and most of the coders of today have no idea.

Otherwise there haven't been new hacks for CS1.6.
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