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Spring 2016 Recomendations


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  • Boku no Hero Academia - Your new Shonen show of the block. I'm sure you've heard of this and I'm sure we're all suckers for stories with main characters that set out to prove themselves.
  • Kiznaiver - Trigger anime original with a rather unique premise exploring world peace. This sounds like a potential winner if done well.
  • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - The retro art of this plus it being steampunk makes it worth checking out. Oh, did I mention it was Noitamina?
  • Kuromukuro - Well, PA works has cycles of ups and downs and their last 2 shows were average at best.
  • Mayoiga - This is one of those shows where the premise sounds like it can be pretty interesting. Also, it's an anime original.
  • Flying Witch - It's been a while since we had an iyasare/healing show. Perfect show to watch while cuddling with your boyfriend.
  • Sakamoto desu ga? - The manga is a work of comedy art. Let's see if they can translate that into anime form.
  • Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Another show with a main character being dragged into another world. This time with the ability to respawn after death, we'll see how this one plays out.
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