Site Ressurection!


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Hey all,
I know this forum has been closed for a few years, but we are ready to make a comeback!

There are no good major game/cheat/everything related sites these days which are actually properly managed.

We aim to fix that by bringing back the oldschool days of High quality posts, high quality information and great releases for everyone!

We encourage everyone to be active and we will be running post contests with great prizes in the coming months!

Welcome to the new Revolution!


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Am I too late? Lol :D I used your 1.6 hacks frequently and they were the best. After over 10 years I started with CSGO. You got anything going for CSGO?

I do not want to Google csgo hacks or something since I cannot tell if it is scam or detected... But you have always been reliable in the past :cool:

Security would be my main concern since I do not want to lose my account/skins ;)

Maybe you can help me on my quest for a suitable CSGO hack for legit/closet cheating :)
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Well this website sadly wasn't ever ressurrected. But you can check as that is where I sell my software these days. This forum was split off from the JImster480forums back in the day and we opened a new site for LeagueCheats
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