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Add a 2nd HDD SSD to a HP Envy 17-n000, 17-n100, 17-nxxx series laptop 120 GB SSD 2.5" SATA caddy


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Hello, I own HP Envy 17-nxxx series and I want to upgrade my laptop by ~~120 GB SDD. I have few questions to you guys ;)

1. What SDD should I pick? (budget one, idc about pro top notch speeds).
2. What Caddy & SATA cable should I chose?

BTW guys I'm living in Poland so I need to get those parts here :mad::(



I am Buzzsaw and You're Not
Look into the Transcend SSD370 series SSD devices.

Regarding the drive caddy, you'll have to see if the laptop already comes with one or you have to buy one.


I am Buzzsaw and You're Not
I seriously doubt that an universal caddy will work.

I think you must get one that fits specifically for HP Envy.

Thomas The Train

New Member
What is the exact model of your laptop?

If you laptop has a 7/9.5/12.5mm optical drive that is removeable, you can most likely purchase a caddy to replace that optical drive with a hard drive.

As for the SSD choice, the Sandisk Ultra II and SSD Plus series are great budget oriented SSDs that are no slouch in the performance department.
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